All of our techs are on an ongoing training and education program schedule and all are ASE certified. The crew includes master ASE certified technicians.


Josh Colman, Owner

When I was young I was always interested in mechanical objects and item’s that could be disassembled and put back together. I had built bicycles to minibikes before I was twelve. I had schooling in drafting and engineering (cad cam) but had become bored once I had a job doing this.

I took a part time position in a local dealership (GM & Toyota) in the parts department. I spent eleven years there until leaving to further my horizon’s at Mathewson’s, which I have been with for 23 years.

I have received schooling and certification in automotive management operations, various customer handling , GM and Toyota parts management and general automotive repairs. Also ASE certified. I have always enjoyed this industry and found it to be very rewarding.

Brent Kranz

Recently retired 2013 Brent had been in the automotive industry since 1969. also previously owned Honest Performance from 1977 to 1994.

Jeff Montgomery

Jeff Montgomery has recently retired from a long career at Mathewsons Automotive spanning over 3 decades. Thank you for the years of service.

Brian Carlson

I have lived in the Renton area all my life. I graduated from Renton High School in 1975, and then attended Renton Vocational Technical College for 2 years, obtaining my automotive certificates. I was hired at Mathewson’s at the age of sixteen in 1973 and have worked there ever since. Over 40 years ASE certified. My hobbies are skiing, NASCAR, tropical fish tanks. I have been married for over 30 years to my wife Cheryl, and have two children.

Jeff Cole

Jeff was born in Seattle, and raised in the Kent/Renton area. After graduating from Lindbergh High School, he received a diploma from the Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been in the automotive industry for twenty eight years. He has been at Mathewesons over 18 year’s. ASE certified, In his free time he enjoys camping, fishing, riding, drag racing, boating, and just going fast on land, water.

Dennis Duval

Dennis recently retired Thank you for the years of good service.

Ken Mock

Ken with over 35 year’s of professional technician experience is a recent addition to Mathewson’s. His ability to work on the vintage as well as current vehicle’s is a great fit for this team.

Mike Shomler

Mike with over 4 decades of experience is also a Master ASE tech. His abilities and training are a great asset to this team.

Jake Hamilton

New to the crew in Service advisor and customer services. An avid car person he will be a good addition to Mathewson’s.