All of our techs are on an ongoing training and education program schedule and all are ASE certified. The crew includes master ASE certified technicians.

the crew


When I was young I was always interested in mechanical objects and item’s that could be disassembled and put back together. I had built bicycles to minibikes before I was twelve. I had schooling in drafting and engineering (cad cam) but had become bored once I had a job doing this.

I took a part time position in a local dealership (GM & Toyota) in the parts department. I spent eleven years there until leaving to further my horizon’s at Mathewson’s, which I have been with for 27 years.

I have received schooling and certification in automotive management operations, various customer handling , GM and Toyota parts management and general automotive repairs. Also ASE certified. I have always enjoyed this industry and found it to be very rewarding and currently principal management of Mathewons Automotive And Tire .