IMG_158711-1024x768We at Mathewson’s Automotive And Tire strive to give you the best top quality service possible. Automotive repair has evolved into a very high-tech and competitive industry and we are doing our best to keep up with this technology. We have invested in the latest equipment and tooling to diagnose and service your automobile.

Our technicians are continually being trained to keep up with these changes. With today’s high cost of vehicles, we believe maintenance is now more important than ever.

We believe we owe to you, our customer, our best opinion of what repairs or maintenance are needed. We love cars, and we are happy to give every customer the best advice and service we can. We are not a commission-based shop, all of our technicians are paid by the hour. This policy allows us to take the time and effort to make sure every job is performed as well as possible.

We realize that as a simple matter of good business, a happy and well cared-for customer is one who will return to our shop. This has been our creed since 1933, and will continue to be for the years to come for auto repair in Renton. So please remember, though we did not break your car we only want to repair it, as we have done since 1933.

–The crew of Mathewson’s Automotive and Tire,