Our Certification


The Mathewson’s Automotive team is always training and improving. Each employee is trained with NAPA, and AC DELCO. Employees also focus their skills individually, continuing their training and education according to their own skills and interests.


Clean and Convenient


We pride ourselves on a clean working environment. We are conveniently located 5 minutes from I-5, south of Seattle in the city of Renton.

Fully Stocked


We keep a full stock of all items and parts we need to keep our business running. Our stock is open to purchase from the public, and we provide DIY help for industrious individuals. Our stock includes:

  • Popular additives
  • Full line of oil products
  • Full line of detail and cleaning products
  • Full line of interstate batteries
  • Basic parts


Professional Equipment


Much like we keep out staff trained to be top of the line, we invest heavily in our tools and equipment. The newest software and hardware are routinely researched and purchased to keep the shop top of the line. We work on 100+ year old vehicles regularly, and can happily accommodate brand new autos.

Ruff Cycles


We are one of three shops on the west coast that sell Ruff Cycles Electric Bikes. We have a partnership with Ruff Cycles and import their products directly from the factory. Visit Ruff Cycles for more information.

Enjoy the Lounge


Our lounge area is open for use. We keep COVID conscious in our layout, and do our best to be aware of your safety. Please use the space if you need to wait while we work on your vehicle. We have wifi, seating, and magazines.